Hey folks, I just switched from my original DInc to a Razr M, loving it so far. When I had the DInc, I used HTC's baked-in facebook app to sync my FB friends' photos with the contacts on my Google account. For most people, it synced fine, though it usually only synced the photo available at the time of the sync and then never updated/synced again (for example, my brother's contact photo was the photo he had 2 yrs ago when I first synced - it never got updated on the phone.)

Now that I have the Razr M, I use Facebook's app. In the settings, I checked "sync only existing contacts", and it appears that it did go through and update some of the photos, though it hasn't come close to syncing them all. Is there any way to force the sync, and, is it possible to keep the photos updated w/ whatever current photo is on Facebook? I know that a lot of my contacts have some code on their contact file when I view them via contacts.google.com (usually says <fb id:######> or something similar.)

Any ideas? I'd rather not use a third-party app, because I don't want to give out my login info...