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    Default Droid RAZR M Problem.

    I dropped my phone face down which caused my screen to not turn on. The phone itself worked but it wouldn't turn on. So I received my new phone and I updated my phone. All of my contacts, apps, texts and pictures that I have taken myself transfered over. The only pictures that did not transfer over were pictures that I received through texts. I am not sure what happened to them. Is there a way that I can see if they're on the old phone and how can I get them off or see if the phone is wiped out?

    Thanks guys for the input.
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    Default Re: Droid RAZR M Problem.

    Do you have an SD card?

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    Default Re: Droid RAZR M Problem.

    i know for my RAZR M the pictures from texts are stored on the phone itself by default in the downloads folder. Where everything else goes to the SD card. Even with a non functioning screen you should be able to power the phone on and use a USB connection to a PC and pull the missing pictures off the phone.

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