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    Default Random reboots

    Anyone else getting random reboots? In the last couple weeks I've been using my phone like normal normal and suddenly... Black screen ... " D R oiiiiiiD" and it reboots.

    Back in my blackberry days this was caused by a lose battery cover but this is a non removable battery. Is it KitKat thing or did I drop this thing one too many times?

    Razr M via the app.
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    Default Re: Random reboots

    Have you tried clearing the cache partition? https://motorola-global-portal.custh...p/30,6720,8577
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    Default Re: Random reboots

    Every time I do vol up,down,power it just reboots. Is there a trick?

    Razr M via the app.
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    Default Re: Random reboots

    Ok so I'm a nerd..power has to be off first. Ok I got to step 5. On my phone vol down tap up did nothing. Vol down a tap power took me to the other menu. Select cache wipe and hit power it showed the android guy doing stuff for a second then automatically rebooted. It never confirmed the cache wipe.

    Razr M via the app.
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    Default Re: Random reboots

    Hmm, that's not how it normally works. It should say "Cache Wipe Complete," and then give you the option to select something from the Recovery Menu again. But maybe that's how it works on your phone. Let us know if you continue to have random reboots.

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