I posted this over at but haven't received much of a response so I'll post this here as well. I have had a stock, non-rooted Maxx HD since launch day. The phone performed pretty much flawlessly on ICS. However, after the recent JB update, I'm encountering the same weird inexplicable problem that I did on my old Galaxy Nexus that had JB. The screen sensitivity would drastically reduce down to an almost unusable level at random times, but most often when I used the recent apps soft key. A simple screen lock and then waking the screen back up would return the phone back to normal. When this happens, scrolling up and down or swiping side to side in any app (not just in the recent apps list) studders or doesn't respond unless I mash the screen firmly. Typing on the stock keyboard or Swiftkey is inaccurate as well. The site below over at XDA documents this problem among many JB users. Some have said turning up the gamma level solves the problem, or running a certain ROM, or not using Swiftkey, or using a certain screen brightness level. It's clearly a software issue because this didn't exist before Jelly Bean. Anyone else experiencing this?