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    Default Best/Safest Remote Wipe App

    So much of our lives is accessible in our cell phones I worry that if my phone is lost or stolen I will be a victim of identity theft. I don't use a lock screen because I turn my screen on and off constantly all day long and entering a password is a pita.
    Is there a remote wipe app (preferably one you have actually tried) that will both wipe my internal sd card and perform a system reset and lock up the phone? If it could wipe the external sd as well that would be a plus too.

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    Default Re: Best/Safest Remote Wipe App

    I highly recommend Cerberus as it an not only remotely wipe, but it can do a whole lot more.

    It can take pictures and video on demand. It can send a message that will display on the screen and you can even have it speak the message. You can send an alarm. You can send a lock command. Check it out. Getting excellent reviews and there was a huge thread on overclockers about a guy who has his phone stolen and he recovered it (not to mention what he learned of the guy that had it in his possession).
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    Default Re: Best/Safest Remote Wipe App

    I use Lookout. The Free version of the app does "missing device" location for you, the subscription version does that plus much more.

    I think I paid $15/year, but that covers two phones, and can be administered through one account. I also use to it occasionally "checkup" on my teenage daughters location.

    Update: just checked. $29.95/year for TWO phones. You can signup monthly for $2.99 too.

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