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    Thumbs up Battery Improvement .. Drain & then charge.

    So I took the plunge...

    I've only owned my droid maxx HD for a few days now.. but noticed that the battery life isn't matching up to other stats I've seen online by other users. I know people have mixed feelings on this ... but I did a full battery discharge until my phone turned off by itself. Then from there with out turning the phone on, I let it charge while off too a full 100% again. I tell you what, this process brought my battery to life. I'm at 94% right now and have been using my device for over 3 hours. As to yesterday at this time, I was at around 75% rather than 94%. As I said before, I know people have different thoughts on this, and say its not recommended or needed to let your battery fully discharge, but this worked miracles for me. Not that I recommend doing this often by no means, that was probably the first and last time I'd do it.

    I even used this app to help discharge it faster...


    Anyways .. just my thoughts on this process ...
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    Default Re: Battery Improvement .. Drain & then charge.

    The battery life improves noticeably after the first three or four charge cycles, even if it's only discharged partially. I suspect you would have gotten to the same place in a few more days without a complete discharge.

    I've had mine since October and forgot how big an effect it is until we just got one for my wife a few weeks ago. She complained the battery life wasn't like mine for a few days but now it's even better than mine.
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    Default Re: Battery Improvement .. Drain & then charge.

    Also keep in mind 'standby' time is virtually meaningless. The real important things are screen-on time and Talk Time. I was able to get 26+ hours with 5 hours of screen-on time and 4 hours of talk time...all without hitting the low battery indicator!
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    Default Re: Battery Improvement .. Drain & then charge.

    Also, you should never let a Li-Ion battery discharge completely.

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