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    Default Motorolla Razr Maxx HD camera.

    I have my Razr Maxx HD about 3 months. I love my phone but I hate the camera.
    I hate the long delay from when the shutter is pressed until the picture is actually taken. It focuses pre flashes and then finally takes the picture.
    I usually take pictures in auto mode. I see a dot with a box around it sometimes its green or white. What is this and how do I control or use it. I cant find anything about it?

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    Default Re: Motorolla Razr Maxx HD camera.

    There was a downloadable camera that i tried out and was very nice. but for the life of me i cannot remember the name.
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    Default Re: Motorolla Razr Maxx HD camera.

    I have used this as a replacement camera app. It even has the ability to do Photospheres. I believe that it may be the app that joe-fresh is speaking of. Take a look.
    Android 4.3 Camera app (Android) - Download
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    Default Re: Motorolla Razr Maxx HD camera.

    You should always tap on the camera screen on the area that you want the camera to focus. The dot with the box around it is the area that is being focused on. If it is white it means the camera is not focused properly. If it is green it is in focus.

    More tips here:

    camera questions for the maxx razr hd
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    Default Re: Motorolla Razr Maxx HD camera.

    Thank you power droid.
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    Default Re: Motorolla Razr Maxx HD camera.

    Also, check your settings and make sure the default image size is at 8 megapixels. The phone comes with only 6 megapixels as the default because that's what works best for uploading to Facebook, Twitter, etc. There's a vast difference in quality between 6 and 8.

    If that doesn't fix it well enough for your use, consider the paid app Camera FV-5. It will increase the quality of your photos a LOT! However, it's for the advanced camera buff who knows settings etc.

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