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    Question Alarm clock icon disappearing from notification bar

    Hi all,

    I'm having an issue that creeped up in the last week. it is not critical by any means, just an annoyance that I am trying to resolve.

    Normally, when the alarm clock is set and activated, a clock icon appears in the notification bar until the alarm is turned off. I find this a nice and easy reminder that my alarm is set at a glance. Recently, however, the icon appears when I set the alarm, and then disappears within minutes (often after I lock and then unlock the screen). I can sometimes see the icon flicker on and off on the bar as if something is trying to hide it.

    The actual functionality of the alarm is not affected, and I can see the alarm set information on the lock screen without issues. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what may have caused this - but I haven't installed any new apps recently. I do use GSAM battery monitor, which did recently download and install an update. It has a notification icon in the bar as well, although nowhere nearby.I also use NovaMax launcher. I've looked in the alarm settings and all looks normal. I also haven't changed any settings in the time since this started.

    Anyone else having this issue? Like I said, it's not phone breaking, just an annoyance thats irking me.

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    I too am having this issue. Its not affecting my actual alarms but it does disappear after a few minutes of setting an alarm. I've caught it flickering a few times too...I'm starting to think this is a kitkat feature? I've also noticed the location icon for GPS also turns on then disappears. My last pure android phone was the GNexus and I don't remember it doing that at all!

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    I have exactly the same problem. It flickers all the time, because I always have an alarm set. Mine is a Nexus 4
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    Default Re: Alarm clock icon disappearing from notification bar

    I'm having exactly the same experience with the alarm clock as everyone else here. This happens to me on an unrooted Galaxy Note 3 running Touchwiz and Android 4.3 (haven't updated yet). I tried different launchers to see if that had anything to do with that (Nova, ADW, Apex, etc), and it still happens. Would love to see why this is happening.
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    Default Re: Alarm clock icon disappearing from notification bar

    Someone narrowed it down to Pandora: http://androidforums.com/samsung-gal...ll-sudden.html
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