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    Default led color indicators

    What do the led colors indicate? Mine flashs green and sometimes purple. I have not found any place in settings for led config.

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    Default Re: led color indicators

    Look for notifications, I doubt its lighting up the LED with out notifying. Click them until LED stops. Go to that App and adjust settings.
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    Green is 4G. People is 3G. It flashes periodically. That is why there are no notifications
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    Default Re: led color indicators

    I checked my two email accounts and calendar settings. There is not option for led settings. As for 3G and 4G I get 3G at my house so maybe the purple led activates when I am in a location where it can get 4G. Thanks for the responses. I was just curious about the led indicators. It does not affect the operation of the phone so its no big deal.

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    Default Re: led color indicators

    After the latest Facebook update, I started getting a flashing blue LED for a FB notification. It kind of annoyed me so I turned it off! :-)

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