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    Default Volume issue

    9/10 time I use YouTube there is no sounds. Volume is all the way up, I try to reload the video, anything I can think of and I still have the issue.

    Anyone else have this issue or know a fix?

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    Default Re: Volume issue

    Do you have any sound at all? There's a frequently reported bug where all sound (including ringtones and notifications) stops. You can often wake up the sound by going to Settings/Sounds and selecting any ringtone, which will then play.

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    Default Re: Volume issue

    If you are accessing YouTube with the actual YouTube app then try clearing the apps cache and data.


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    Default Re: Volume issue

    All you have to do is go back to the home screen, hit volume up (it will make a sound) then go back to YouTube. I've had 4 Maxxs and they've all done this same thing. Hell, the wife's bionic does it too.

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    Default Re: Volume issue

    Maybe moto should have included these"special volume fix instructions" as the majority of razrmaxx owners probably don't visit forum sites. My next phone will not be a motor.
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    Default Re: Volume issue

    I've found you can also "wake up" RAZR sounds from any app (YouTube, music player, video player) by taking a screen shot (hold power and down volume for a few seconds) How that gets fixed with muh jelly beans!

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