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    Default razr maxx sd card

    so im moving up(?) to a maxx from a thunderbolt,i moved my sd card and it wont "mount",ive tried 4 different cards---all the same result,phone shows 16g no matter if i use 1,2,8,32g cards i just got phone from my mom(so it was untouched) and it worked with her card, i rooted it before i installed card with my backups on it, "de"rooted it,factory reset,etc.,etc. it is razr maxx 4.1.2 98.72.16.xt912 oh btw i can read every card on adapter in pc,not thru phone though
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    Default Re: razr maxx sd card

    Welcome to Android Central! When you say it only shows 16 GB, do you mean that it only reports the 16 GB from the phone's onboard storage? In the Settings/Storage menu, does anything even show up under the SD Card section? If the card doesn't show up, is there an option for "Mount SD Card"?

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    Default Re: razr maxx sd card

    yeah it only shows the internal 16 gigs,there is no option for mounting card(greyed out as if it isnt seeing the card) i tried re-formatting the sd card on pc to fat32 to no avail, ive read that these phones are picky about cards but i think ive got a bad phone

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