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    Default Notification sounds stopped... WTF...

    So this morning my phone decided to completely stop making any sounds. The ringer doesn't work, shutter click from the camera is gone, email, text... All gone. I use SimpleSound as a widget, double checked that, went into settings and manually checked volume levels... Can't even go through the OEM ringers to select a new ring tone. It did make the little beep when I hung up on a call. Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Notification sounds stopped... WTF...

    Fixed it. Resetting it didn't do anything, but waited a few more minutes and turned it off and back on, have sound back. This is by far the buggiest Moto phone I've owned. Enough to make me want to switch brands next phone.
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    Default Re: Notification sounds stopped... WTF...

    The Razr Maxx used to have a problem with sounds cutting out, which could be "woken up" again by selecting a ringtone to test out. That bug was mostly squashed when it was finally updated to Jellybean. Not sure if what you experienced was that same bug, or if it's something else.
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    Default Re: Notification sounds stopped... WTF...

    There was also a hardware issue on a few phones, mine in particular. See:
    Sound is Dead
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    Default Re: Notification sounds stopped... WTF...

    Thanks, it's definitely the hardware issue. Now that I read that post, I'm able to turn my sound on and off by pressing on different spots on the phone haha. Ugh....

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