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    Default No vibration or haptic feedback

    My haptic feedback has been going in and out recently. About 80% of the time, my Razr will not vibrate in any way. It won't vibrate for calls and haptic feedback won't work either. It happens with no rhyme or reason...sometimes haptic feedback will just turn off in the middle of typing a text. I have already checked my settings and checked to see if it's an app causing this. Anybody else encounter this issue?
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    Happens on my RAZR from time to time. It's not very often, and it only cuts out momentarily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paul-c View Post
    Happens on my RAZR from time to time. It's not very often, and it only cuts out momentarily.
    Have exact issue as well. Kind of bothersome but can't figure out a solution. It did start though when I installed the swiftkey keyboard.

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    Default Re: No vibration or haptic feedback

    Had the exact same problem. Tried to trouble shoot it on my own with no change. Multiple reboots and even several factory resets didn't resolve it. Found that when I would shake the phone or gently tap its back the vibration would return temporarily which would explain the randomness. This suggested it was a hardware issue vs software issue so called Verizon to report my issue and as expected, the rep wanted to blame on an bad app or abuse/neglect. Had removed all apps and I'm that guy who babies his phone. Well a new phone later and all is well. Before you waste your time resetting your device likely to no avail try requesting a replacement device.

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