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    Default Droid Razr Verizon Hotspot Slow

    I've searched the forums and did not find this issue addressed with a solution. My Droid Razr from Verizon when USB connected hotspot to my Win 7 Asus I7 CPU gaming laptop can get up to 12+/- MB download speed. But then it gets knocked down to 1MB and less and stays there - mostly around 0.5MB. Using the hotspot on my IPAD 2 is so slow it is unbearable - at times taking minutes between pages. Is there a solution? I've changed channels in settings, turned of security and turned it back on, rebooted the phone - nothing seems to resolve the speed issue. Did not find resolution on Motorola site or Verizon site either. I normally am in 4G mode when trying the hotspot.
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    Default Re: Droid Razr Verizon Hotspot Slow

    That really sucks it's not working even though you're paying for it. I would suggest a third party app like FoxFi. It works really well.

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