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    Default What are you using for a secondary charger

    Some people are Power users (pun intended) other are not with the X, have you gone out and got a secondary charger or just the micro usb cable for hook up to your pc or wind up cell charger. Im think about carrying a usb cable in my backpack so I can charge it mid-day and make it home with a charged battery. Lately Ive been using Juice defender and most of the time I get home from 7:30am - 7:00pm with about 50% left on my battery with moderate to heavy usage.
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    I have a car charger, and a wall charger at work, in addition to the USB charger that came with the phone.
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    Verizon branded car charger with an extra USB port for my wife's phone, Blackberry chargers at my nightstand and office at work, USB cable at my home desktop, Moto charger and third party car charger in my laptopbag (along with some spare cables) but this may be displaced by car/wall combo with dual ports that I just got. Also in the laptop bag is a 5000mAh battery from New Trent and a SunPak solar charger that doesn't put out enough juice for the X but enough for the New Trent. I also keep a flock of hamsters in the basement with generators attached to their wheels, just in case.
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    Two chargers at home, one car charger and one wall charger in my work bag for work. Two of them are BlackBerry wall chargers, one if from my OG Droid and the other is the one that the X came with.
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    I have one next to the sofa, the media dock next to my bed, another next to my computer, a car charger, and one at my parents
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    Default Re: What are you using for a secondary charger

    I got the stock one and then a usb charger in my car. Works for what's needed when charging the X when using the gps mount.

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    I have the 1880 battery
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    I have one charger by my computer desk, another one by the little table next to my couch, one by the bedside table, and a car charger each on both can never have too much
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    I have the dock in my living room which is what I use most of the time. Sometimes I use my husband's charger in the bedroom if I need it. I also have a car charger in each car and the car dock in the car I drive the most.
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    Have a charger cable at my desk plus the USB cable/charger connected to my PC. Also have a car charger in each car and, at home, a charger at a work table, and next to the bed where the DX spends the nights (main source of charging).

    Fortunately, getting rid of some apps that drain the battery by being active 24/7 behind the scenes - plus having wifi and gps manually activated - has made a dramatic difference in battery drain. I can now make it through a heavy-use day on a full night's charge and have about 50-60 percent left. Stock battery.
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    I have a ton of MicroUSB chargers, whether they were from old phones or accessories that use MicroUSB. I have one at work, one in the kitchen, one next to the bed, and a 1 Amp car charger. In the past I've just ordered about 5 microUSB cables and have them everywhere (in the car, home, work, in my bag, etc...). I love it that things are finally getting standardized...
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    on my DINC I am using moto chargers with mini to micro adapters as well as the adapters on my BB chargers.
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    I always have a USB cable and an AC charger in my laptop bag. I have a dedicated USB cable plugged into my docking station at work and have a dedicated AC charger at home. And of course I have a 2x1A charger in my truck.
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    I have chargers at all of my frequent destinations, and one dedicated to my travel bag. With micro usb becoming the standard, I have found a new use for my few dumb phone friends as well.
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