Hi guys!

I've got a problem, I can't figure out even after extensiv search in the all so mighty thing we call the internet.

I'm using DoubleTwist on my Nexus 4 to play music and sync to my iTunes. Recently I discovered the free Google Play All Access service which lets you upload your entire Music Library and stream or download it to your device in nice 320kb quality. I directly jumped for it as I have a lot of old music which is just 128kb. When I access the music through google play everything is fine and as I'm using an external headphone amp, there is no real difference in audio quality between the two players. BUT I'm also using AirPlay at home to stream my Music from my phone to my stereo which works a treat with double twist but doesn't with google Play Music. I though well, I will just use play music to download the music and double twist to play it but double twist won't find the music downloaded through google play, neither does power amp!

Does anybody got an idea?