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    Default [ROM] UPDATED 8/28/11 [ERA] EC05 Epic Revolution/Revolted Kernel

    V .6
    – Standard –
    – Reduced Fat –
    – Fat Free –

    Ec05 ROM based on MidNight ROM 5.3 – thanks ptfdmedic!!

    We here at ERA are in no way shape or form responsible for voiding your warranty or breaking your device.

    Update: ERA EC05 Updated 8.28.11

    This is an incremental update. I would like to change the base ROM used to incorporate more Froyo goodness. That is, of course, as long as GB source is nowhere around. Once that happens, these will of course be archived.

    Stock music app changed out for Cubed Music. Much smaller and more functional.
    Updated libc.so
    Implemented Impaled Keyboard Tweaks - Speed Demon Edition - Thanks to Impaler747
    Fugu Tweaks
    Removed some useless code
    Removed some (in my opinion) unneeded apps - Let me know if there's anything you're missing and I'll toss you the .apk or build you a .zip file
    Journaling On by default

    NOTE: This ROM is actually an update to the Reduced Fat version. It was more stable after implementing some of the tweaks and updates. It's not completely devoid of pre-installed apps, but make sure you've backed up anything you may need.

    Download Link - Here


    ReVolted Kernel!!! Huge Thanks to jarcher1971 and Rodderik
    Auto Converts to EXT4
    Journaling off by default.. changing soon
    Pre Rooted
    Keyboard patch – mkasick and impaler747
    Ram tweaks –
    Sdcard speed boost –
    Pulldown animation – wannabesean1123
    6 lockscreen mod (bugs fixed thanks to Justin Storm for helping me) – maddoggin
    1% battery mod –
    Custom awesome boot animation – wannabesean1123(sorry)
    Nexus S Ringtones, plus a few more –
    Custom font –
    No Carrier IQ – k0nane
    No Battery Pop Up MOD - amosher13
    Call Log Mod - Mammon88 and Randy_T
    TWS bug fix – mkasick
    Voice Dialer updated with fix – Dameon
    Reboot option –
    Default Wallpaper –
    Go Launcher –
    Ad blocking –
    SGSII icons –
    Volume Hack –


    • Flashplayer
    • Amazon App Store
    • Voltage Control
    • Spare Parts for root
    • File Explorer
    • Go Launcher Ex & notifications
    • G+ app
    • Dolphin HD Browser

    On SD Card::::::

    • Andy-86 calculator
    • Blacked out Handcent
    • Blacked out XDA
    • Swype Beta installer
    • ChainFire 3D
    • Wifi & Wired Tether

    If I forgot something or missed someone or screwed up the credit, please, please, please tell me. I want to give full credit to everyone for their work, and am not trying to take credit from anyone. I am simply combining my favorite things together and calling it a ROM.


    1. Must be on CWM 3.0 or higher
    2. Must be Rooted and Deodexed
    3. Download file and put on SD card
    4. Enter CWM and Wipe 3x Data/Cache/Dalvik
    5. Flash Rom
    6. Enjoy


    Standard – http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12445220/ERA_RC1b_ReVolted.zip

    Mirror-- MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Screen shots:::::

    TO DO LIST::::::

    Gun metal and Chrome stock Theme – coming soon
    Journaling off by default.
    Finish stock theme.


    none yet.

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    Default Re: [ROM] [ERA] EC05 Epic Revolution/Revolted Kernel

    I'm ready to test buddy. Thanks
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    Give it a shot; I'm sure you'll really like it.
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    Default Re: [ROM] [ERA] EC05 Epic Revolution/Revolted Kernel

    Dropbox doesnt work and the mirror wont let me download
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    Default Re: [ROM] [ERA] EC05 Epic Revolution/Revolted Kernel

    Quote Originally Posted by btc0526 View Post
    Dropbox doesnt work and the mirror wont let me download
    That's odd. I can see the dropbox not working; they've cut a lot of us due to bandwidth restrictions. I just tried the mirror and it worked for me.

    I'm hoping to get the update posted today (probably tonight) and I will use a different host. If this doesn't work for you and you can wait, maybe give that a shot.
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    Default Re: [ROM] UPDATED 8/28/11 [ERA] EC05 Epic Revolution/Revolted Ker

    Can someone send me a valid link for the revolted rom for base 2.2, please and thanks in advance

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