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    Default Most stable and fastest CM ROM?

    I have a non-techy friend who wants to get a used Epic 4G and make calls via Google Voice (using phone minutes when out and about, and using wifi when at home), as well as using GV for texting over data. Originally I would have just recommended she stick with the stock ROM and use GrooVe IP, but apparently it's getting shut down in May 2014 and Hangouts and Google Voice will be merging. Since only Android 4.0+ will support SMS in Google Hangouts, I thought I'd root her device for her and install a CM ROM that is 4.0 or higher, so she can get the SMS functionality.

    However, since she's not very techy, I want to give her the most stable, least buggy, and fastest CM ROM (4.0+) that will run on the Epic 4G. I'd obviously rather have a 4.0 ROM that is stable and fast than a 4.2 ROM that is laggy and buggy, but of course if the Epic 4G will run CM10.1 just as well as CM9, I see no reason to have her stay downgraded! I just don't want anything that requires a lot of maintenance after being installed, since I'd have to do all that for her.

    I saw that the Cyanogenmod website has the following stable ROMs for the Epic 4G:

    Does anyone have any recommendations from personal experience about which of these might be the least buggy and least laggy on the Epic 4G?
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    Default Re: Most stable and fastest CM ROM?

    Can all of those run on the Epic?

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    Default Re: Most stable and fastest CM ROM?

    Get the most recent stable version of CM 10. Never had an issue with stable.

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