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    aosp v41 (until he update

    Default Re: Bricked after root attempt

    I did something like this with my Nexus (don't have your phone, just reading), but Sprint couldn't/wouldn't do anything after I unlocked it. I mistakenly used GSM rather than CDMA root files (too new with not enough info out there). Very upet.

    I had to call Samsung and they had a program that I downloaded that completely reset the phone to factory, it was called Samsung SimpleDL for SPH-D720. They had one for each phone.

    I downloaded, ran this. It was nerve racking not knowing what to do, I was on 2nd day of release, but it completely wiped what I had done and put it back to factory. It takes a while, looks like nothing was happening, but got me back when nothing else did. I have also used that on one of my Epics.

    So look there, it might help you. It is completely different than Odin and files. Good luck.
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    Default Re: Bricked after root attempt

    do you have that application? how do I get it I tried google not able to find it? I have messed up my new galaxy sII with sprint, I am talking about "SimpleDL for SPH-D720"
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    Default Re: Bricked after root attempt

    same boat here. Would like to know where this SimpleDL for SPH-D720 is. Can you attach a link or something? Cant find on google.
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