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    Unhappy CM9 Help!

    Hey Everyone!

    I just finally decided to take the leap and root my Epic 4G Touch(EL29), so basically I am a complete noob to this entire genre, but I am trying to learn and hopefully be able to help out the community in the near future!

    After I had rooted my phone and installed clockworkd mod, I jumped the gun though and went straight for the CM9 rom using this tutorial from qbking77:
    [ ]
    *Big Ups to QBKING77 and his tutorials! They are awesome indeed*

    Although the CM9 Rom looks slick as hell, I'm not feeling it too much because of the limited functionality at the time, and I would like to revert back to CM7. After reading the warning thread though for CM9 roms on this forum I'm scared I'm going to take the wrong route and end up bricking my phone.

    So just to be safe can anyone show me the safest way to restore my phone back to factory settings and then I can take care of installing CM7 myself.

    Many thanks to anyone that can help!
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    Default Re: CM9 Help!

    To return back to stock do this method [ODIN][TAR] SPH-D710.EL29_CL852097 (EL29 Modem/Kernel/ROM - Full Restore - Rooted) - xda-developers and do the package that wipes your data. Once you are done there just start from the beginning of installing CM7.
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    Default Re: CM9 Help!

    Basically what dtm_stretch said. Just use that link provided. Put into download mode and rut it. Then you will be back on stock. Then you can go ahead and switch back to CM7.

    Personally I have been running the CM9 build for about 2 weeks now. I cant really complain too much, but i truly like ICS more so than GB.
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    Default Re: CM9 Help!

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!

    I was really excited when I first tried CM9 too, it looked so slick and sexy. My only complaints are the limited theme customization (especially the fact that I can't change the the look of my home screen icons) and I also am having issues with the Wi-Fi tethering. Hopefully these issues will be addresses with the next CM9 release.
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    Default Re: CM9 Help!

    Dtm posted everything that you need. Cm9 is straight Vanilla Android 4.0. There will be tons of theme support once it roles out of Alpha and the theme engine is rolling.

    Welcome to the Epic Touch forums :-)
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    If you download apex launcher you can have more control over some customization. As far as the cm themes I'm sure they will come. This is easily the best ics rom I've used. Its smooth and looks the best. Way better then Samsung touchwiz will ever look. I never thought id like vanilla android so much :-)
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    To answer the op, i believe if you Odin back to el29 you are fine

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