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    Default Review of the HTC Messenger Vertical Pouch for the HTC Evo 4G

    Howdy, folks. I just received my HTC Messenger Vertical Pouch that I got from HTCPedia. I did a full write up on my blog:


    Right now, the pouch is sold out, understandibly as it is only $19.99 and well worth it. But keep checking back with HTCPedia if you're interested!
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    Very nice....I wish the interior was red though, that would look sleek and match the colors of the Evo. Im still debating if I wanna buy some type of holster....I dont wanna add clunkyness to the form of the phone
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    I have had this pouch for a week. Can't wait to get my evo!
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    That is the one I will be getting. I have been eying it for a bit. Thanks for the review.
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    Nice case, just not for me..!
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    funny, i ordered my EVO the first day that BB started the pre-order on 5/13/10 and ordered this case on 5/14/10/ have the case since 5/19 and its patiently waiting for the EVO.
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    anybody has a hunch this pouch will fit the forthcoming double battery from seidio? Say it adds 4mm thickness
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    anybody has a hunch this pouch will fit the forthcoming double battery from seidio? Say it adds 4mm thickness
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    These are really nice cases, just not my style.
    I like to be able to pull the phone out of my pocket and have it instantly ready to use, without having to pull it out of a holster.

    This does provide excellent protection though... maybe I'll give it a try!
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    Although I don't have my evo yet I've actually being trial carrying this case the last few days just to get the feel of it in my pocket throughout my work day. I been able to pull the place holder styrofoam pretty easily without pulling the whole case out and putting it back in the case in my pocket. Hopefully the evo will work out the same way.
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    Default Invisashield for me...

    I already have my invisashield from Zagg sitting on my desk waiting for the phone!

    I don't dig the cases for phones for some reason. May be a little much with this phones size. I've had my Pre in a Zagg shield since day one and never had a scratch on the damn thing!

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