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    Default Facebook app causing wakelocks / battery drain

    I've disabled all notifications in the Facebook app and the Facebook messenger app. Yet both apps, if I go to see running processes in the settings, have 3 or 4 services constantly running. For example Facebook has EventService, Mqttpushservice, BackgroundDetectionService etc and Facebook messenger has similar services just running in the background. Why are they running, what are they doing and why is this happening even though I've disabled notifications? Surely some of you out there can reproduce this...
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    Default Re: Facebook app causing wakelocks / battery drain

    This seems to be a perennial issue with the Facebook app, but most importantly just how is it affecting your battery?

    Although you've turned all notifications off, have you re-set the refresh rate? The app seems to cause a lot of problems for a lot of people which is why I uninstalled it a long time ago due to heavy battery drain. I'm not a particularly heavy Facebook user so I use the browser version with any notifications coming through via email which suits me fine, and frankly I'm glad I got rid of it.
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    Default Re: Facebook app causing wakelocks / battery drain

    hmm, okay. It's kind of useful though and I want to keep using it. Yeah I reset the refresh rate. It's just confounding we can't have these apps on our phones to be quiet except when we're using them. They are just programmed to keep sending and receiving data no matter what you set them to.
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    Default Re: Facebook app causing wakelocks / battery drain

    I also took the Facebook app off of my phone (Battery Draining). As Sissers says, Im glad I did. I do however have the Facebook Messenger running. The battery use is acceptable and I actually use it to stay in touch with family and friends. It sure would be nice if Android, Apple and Windows would all come out with a Native app .... Or if all users on all operating systems would all install one app that works on all operating systems.... Like Whatsapp or something similar. We could all avoid paying the texting fees that can be exorbidant on some networks.
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    Default Re: Facebook app causing wakelocks / battery drain

    I have the same problem. Sometimes it even prevents the phone (Note2) from proper charging. I've uploaded a print screen of what I see:


    Normal charging rate is somewhere around 17% per hour. Now it's some 3 and it's killing my good mood. I've already uninstalled the FB chat (now can only use the in-fb-app chat) which disabled my direct sharing with other people - I can no longer directly share photos with anyone, must open main FB app first, select person to chat, select the photo and send (grrr).

    This all was so frustrating to me, that I've uninstalled viber and wechat for the same reason, but it's the FB app that drives me nuts. Uninstalling FB app unfortunately de-synced my contacts which I use a lot, so that's not the way to go.

    Too many people are using it as their main source of online presence hence I cannot simply step out of the game. But seriously, why is this? Not enough money in FB to finance something that actually works? Not to mention almost daily updates. Sometimes I really wish to become a mere farmer, living without all this BS
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    Default Re: Facebook app causing wakelocks / battery drain

    The FB app is definitely a resource and battery hog.
    I, like some of you, don't use the app often but when I do want to do something on FB I want the functionality of the app...not the Web platform. So I chose to keep it installed but here's what I did:

    If you're rooted and have Titanium Backup installed, you already know you can freeze apps. This is not practical though, to go into TB every time you need to check a post.

    A little-known feature of TB is to use a TB Widget to Freeze/Defrost/Launch any app with a click. Create a new TB Widget on the Home screen ("Action" 1x1) Set Action to "Freeze / Defrost / Launch an application". Choose the app from the list.
    Cool thing is that TB will now create an icon on your Home screen that is identical to the normal FB icon but with a (green or red) lock over top of it depending on freeze / Defrost state.

    I do this with SEVERAL apps that I feel are too invasive but I enjoy having available. Once you click the icon it takes only a second to defrost and launch the app.

    For me, this was the only acceptable solution for the FB app. Give it a try! You'll see better performance and battery immediately if you find which apps are causing you grief.

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    Default Re: Facebook app causing wakelocks / battery drain

    They have improved but still drains the battery :/

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