Mobile pain - pain is the most anticipated games in 2013 when the player was too boring with or swordplay genre first half

Game giac dau had been release - Let's play-giacdau1-copy.jpg

Mobile Storyline pain - pain :
In the medieval period the 6th century . When kings ruled England at the time was Uther ice , sinking the country in the chaos of war for power . The knight in the kingdom devour each other by power struggles childless king descendant , then shaman Merlin appear and discuss with the bishops Canterbury region who are drawn sword in the stone front of the church then he will be king of England
Gameplay :
Mobile pain - pain is a form of game action side-scrolling MMORPG .
Players will enter a 1 in 3 class plays the main character in the game as Warrior , Mage , Assassin to step into the world of chaos .
Mobile pain - pain have a lot of features as well as support the prime mission system diversity , players can participate in more than 10 battles and 160 -level history .
Some unique features of the game such as :
- Sub-systems of many people , up to a maximum of 4 people to join a task
- Each player can own with full flexibility to upgrade and training to increase capacity
- System title and title delivers benefits to those who own it
- PK system arena 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2
- Benefit daily log in the game, players can dial luck , fortune-telling tarot , King Uther treasure hunt , ...
- Special daily to dozens of world appeared Boss players unleash rampant hunting and reward

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