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    Cool Some low-spec games?

    I have an HTC Desire C that has a single 600MHz CPU and 512MB RAM, so I can play a very small range of games, Could someone please suggest a list of games I should be able to play smoothly?
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    Default Re: Some low-spec games?

    Welcome to Android Central! What kinds of games are you looking for?
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    Default Re: Some low-spec games?

    Thanks. Right now I am playing Clash of Clans, Hill Climb Racing and Angry Birds which I really like, and they barely lag. I also have Cut The Rope full free version which doesn't lag, but I don't enjoy the game much. I was looking for an RPG or something like that, but Zenonia 5, though incredibly smooth in the beginning, became laggy after a point in the game.
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    I don't have any game recs for you right now, but have you tried doing a system cache partition wipe? This can sometimes speed up performance, and you won't lose any personal data. Follow the steps in this video, but at around 0:50, make sure you select "wipe cache partition." The video is for the Desire, so I'm assuming it'll work for your Desire C.

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    Sounds like a nice idea but when I tried getting my phone into bootloader, nothing happens, the phone just switches on. I googled it and found a thread in XDA forums: which is basically a guide to do the exact same thing, but it says that by "unlocking" bootloader on my phone I will void my warranty. It's a new phone man, have plenty of time before warranty expires, what do I do?
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    Default Re: Some low-spec games?

    That's too bad--HTC tends to lock their bootloaders, which is a pain.

    Getting back to your original question, here are some games I like (not all of them free) that should work pretty well on low-spec devices:

    : retro, funny, and fun RPG. I got it free when it was the Free App of the Day on Amazon.
    : fun side-shooter, quirky graphics
    : 8-bit retro fun
    : more 8-bit fun
    : nice take on Asteroids
    : lots of fun, retro vector graphics (can you sense a theme here?)
    : probably the best pinball game for phones, since it doesn't try to cram a ton of detail in
    : space shooter, lots of fun
    : I enjoy this more than Cut the Rope.
    : very Zen
    : nice take on Sinistar
    : warning, can be very addictive.
    : alien invasion from the alien's perspective--might not run smoothly.
    : also might not run smoothly, but worth a try.

    Hope that's a good start!
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    Default Re: Some low-spec games?

    You are awesome, man. I was expecting one or two, but you really gave me a lot of games and that too with a mini-review and a Play Store link. Unfortunately, I don't want to pay for mobile games and neither do I want to play free trial versions so that removes a chunk of the list but am getting started with the free ones right away. Much appreciated dude. BTW, yeah I was expecting retro-themed games.
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