Hi All,

After 5 years with a WinMo 6.1 phone I just got my first Android phone (a Nexus 5). I love it.

I'm looking for an endless runner game like Lep's world. Lep's world is a great game except that every 3 minutes or so it stops and displays ads which is way too annoying. I tried to find a paid version of Lep's world w/o ads but it seems not available. One of the things I like about Lep's world is that its bi-directional; you can go back and forth. In other games like Robot Unicorn, Lame Castles and others you only go forward. That's not interesting or fun. I like to go back and explore a section before continuing.

I tried Sonic The Hedgehog game (has bi-directional) but the controls are too tricky and unpredictable.

Anyone know of an ad-free endless runner that has bi-directional? I'm happy to pay for one that meets my needs and has no ads. Thanks!