Guess what special day is coming up?

We’re going to be 10 years old on Dec 17th!
And while we’re choosing our birthday cake (it’s a hard choice for such a big company, you know) we’d like to thank our friends for playing our games
We’ve prepared dozens of gifts and surprises for you! So, don’t miss a thing. All will be revealed on our Facebook page.

Let’s start our Anniversary celebrations with a sale!

Musaic Box is just 99c! A game for everyone who likes listening to music and solving riddles. “Musaic Box” is a unique quest game filled with challenging puzzles and timeless classical music!You'll get hours of enjoyment, with various musical masterpieces and brain-teasing puzzles. Unlock “Creative Mode” and write your own melodies to become a composer yourself! A chance to explore a house full of hidden antiques and uncover forgotten mysteries. The melodic adventure never ends!