Dodge Talent Volcano has insane bullet web, it's a really hard but interesting dodge game. Character is a very cute bird. The physics is slightly different with its former version, Dodge Talent Classic. And also, you get more than 1 HP on this game, which means you can stand longer from bullet attacking all over the screen..


Get Dodge Talent Classic for free:


Dodge Talent Volcano is a new dodge game from PGSoul Those who wants to challenge their limits, never miss it.

You will use tilt controls to play this game, and its operation has a very good feeling of physics. The action of the spaceship is affected perfectly by inertia.

Also, Dodge Talent will have 6 different extensions with different characters and features! You can fight with the crazy bullets as a Zombie, a bird, a Ninja, a diving pet, or even a fat 3D princess.

* Fast, Frantic Action
* Responsive Tilt Controls
* Leaderboard
*The longer you survive, the higher score and more gold coins you will get in each mode.

How to play:
* Tilt to Control.
* Tap to pause, you can adjust position.

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