Jewel Buster makes you can't stop eyes off in the screen! Simple but addictive!
Break, Burst and Burn The Jewels!!

Jewel Buster Free :
Jewel Buster Paid Version :

Jewel Buster, the puzzle game that conbines the mechanics of a game, where 2 or more adjacent gems can be tapped and removed from the board.
Treat your brain to puzzling fun with Jewel Buster. and clear the board. Challenging various mode : Classic, Action, and Puzzle.

Jewel Buster offers fantastic featured - 3 Crazy addictive modes

*Classic Mode - 2 or more adjacent gems can be tap to remove on the board. You have 60 seconds to match as many as you can!

*Action Mode - Play like Classic mode, but you have to clear the board with tilting in gravity sensor. Make gems upside down to be adjacent same color. Also, you have 60 seconds!

*Puzzle Mode(Paid Version) - Action Mode in puzzle. You have to clear gems in various maps by tilting and upside down your device. It offers 36 stages! To get higher score, you have to move as minimum as you can.

Jewel Buster Free :
Jewel Buster Paid Version :

The game offers free and paid version.

Paid version of Jewel Buster
Enable to play action mode with limitless and get open Puzzle Mode