This happens on all versions of Angry Birds (Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds original, Angry Birds Seasons). I have a Samsung galaxy s3 unrooted, AT&T. this problem occurred on ice cream sandwich and also after I've upgraded to jelly bean. I have triedturning off wifi, turning off data, turning on and off power saving mode. I have installed the premium version of Angry Birds Rio to see if the problem was related to the advertising. all to no avail. The game freezes up and I have to open the task manager and end it manually. The 'end' button is red and cpu use is around 50%. I have opened up a request with rovio, but its waiting assignment still.

There are a few things I want to know:
1. Has anyone else experienced this problem? if anyone else has experienced this, is it well documented?

2. is there a solution to this problem? If the solution is for me to take my phone back to AT&T, and get it replaced, is there a way--without root--to save my Angry Birds records? Apparently, highscores.lua isn't stored in the same place anymore, Angry Birds Backup app didn't work for Rio or Star Wars. Thanks.