Good Day!

I'm working on a new little game where the object is simple. Survive for as long as possible! What I am looking for are comments and criticism. This was just a weekend project but if I get enough good feedback I will continue with development.

Future Goals:
* Upgrade SpaceShip
- Speed
- Weapons
- Armor
* Add power ups
* Add leveling with experience
* More or custom SpaceShips
* Multiplayer arenas
* Missions

The link to download the app can be found at:

The controls are simple. Use the left box to move and the right box to fire.

Below are some screenshots.
[FREE] Space ConQuest Arcade game-uploadfromtaptalk1361847527498.jpg
[FREE] Space ConQuest Arcade game-uploadfromtaptalk1361847664384.jpg
[FREE] Space ConQuest Arcade game-uploadfromtaptalk1361847744100.jpg

Here's the link 1 more time: