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    Smile [GAME] [FREE] - Rock Ninja

    I'm happy to announce that Rock Ninja has been released for Android on Google Play.

    Google Play Link:

    Rock Ninja is a skill game where you control a ninja that needs to survive as long as possible a shower of bouncy rocks by either doging them or destroying them by using power-ups and consumable items.

    I have spent 6 months working on this project and, even if the concept of the game itself is quite simple, a lot of effort has been put into making the game really smooth, the gameplay fun and addictive and the graphics look good (considering my artistic limitations ) in all devices.

    Please, give it a try it and let me know what you think!

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    A new level-based mode has been added to the latest version of Rock Ninja. A pack of 15 original and challenging levels is now available and new packs are on its way!

    Google Play:
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    New update allows you to choose your ninja character! Enjoy!

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    Default Re: [GAME] [FREE] - Rock Ninja

    Cute game! Thanks for sharing!

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