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    Default New game - Moonwalker

    New game - Moonwalker-screenshot-2013.12.03-22.12.15.png
    New game - Moonwalker-screenshot-2013.12.03-22.14.10.png
    New game - Moonwalker-screenshot-2013.12.03-22.18.41.png
    New game - Moonwalker-screenshot-2013.12.03-22.24.32.png
    Humanity develops galaxy. We have built a base on the Moon , Mars , Saturn , Jupiter !
    But, unfortunately, they were crushed by the insidious alien invaders . Not many of the staff managed to escape. They were dressed in suits and waiting for your help !
    Your task is to save the remnants of staff , destroying as many enemy.
    Introduction Mission - Moon . There you will learn how to manage their Moonwalker and shoot accurately .
    Good luck in carrying out its mission : - to rescue earthlings !

    Funny graphics, addictive gameplay .
    Available 4 rover , each following better than the previous .
    During the game , you must upgrade the rovers for new missions !

    Enjoy the game !

    Moonwalker is a small runner game where you drive your moon rover in 4 different environments, collect coins, save staff and destroy enemies.
    You can then use the coins to upgrade your equipment and rovers.

    Link to google play:
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    Default Re: New game - Moonwalker

    Very neat. Thanks for sharing!
    Live long and prosper.

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