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    Smile [FREE][GAME][4.0+] Monster Burger - Burger Maker Game

    "Monster Burger" is our newest Android game where you fulfill burger orders to hungry monsters. We worked hard on the artwork and gameplay. The game features dozens of unique monster characters and a simple, fun gameplay. Please give it a try or have your kids play with it. Appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

    [FREE][GAME][4.0+] Monster Burger - Burger Maker Game-google_play_feature_640.png

    * Dozens of AWESOME monsters.
    * Achievement system that will test your burger making skills.
    * Unique and challenging game play.
    * Increasing difficulty.
    * Cool graphics and sounds.
    * Earn coins for each served burger and unlock more hungry monsters.

    Android 4.0+


    [FREE][GAME][4.0+] Monster Burger - Burger Maker Game-unnamed-2.png [FREE][GAME][4.0+] Monster Burger - Burger Maker Game-unnamed-3.png [FREE][GAME][4.0+] Monster Burger - Burger Maker Game-unnamed-4.png [FREE][GAME][4.0+] Monster Burger - Burger Maker Game-unnamed-5.png

    * See what type of burger the monster wants.
    * Tap on the ingredients to build the burger.
    * Start with the bottom bun.
    * Work fast before the time runs out.
    * If you make a mistake, quickly start over.
    * Each monster has a specific order. Remember each monster's order so you can serve them faster!
    * Dont forget to always finish with a top bun.
    * See how many burgers you can serve!

    Download Link
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    Thanks for sharing. Hope it does well in Play.

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    Default Re: [FREE][GAME][4.0+] Monster Burger - Burger Maker Game

    Thank you! I hope it does well too. We put a lot of time and effort in it.

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