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    Default [Game] [Free] Be Fast or Be Dead

    I would like to introduce new game made with cocos2dx!

    [Game] [Free] Be Fast or Be Dead-ad4.jpg

    Other games:

    Help Swanky and his friends get out of the burning hive faster than Crunch!
    Be Fast or Be Dead is easy for all ages to pick up and play.
    Get Be Fast or Be Dead now and lose yourself in an amazing, addicting and beautiful world!

    Game Features
    • Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
    • Countless hours of gameplay, Play 50+ sweet levels and challenges!
    • Amazing touch-based controls
    • Collect gems to purchase potent power-ups
    • Earn stars to take you to new worlds
    • Beautiful HD graphics
    • Captivating music and sounds
    • Super smooth even on low level devices
    • Ad-Free

    • Swanky is a lovely bee who happily lives among other bees. He is very kind and always tries to help others. So everyone loves him, except Crunch!
    One day, Crunch can’t control his jealousy so he set Swanky’s colony on fire. Crunch wants to boast his power and humiliate them by being the first bee to escape the burning hive.
    The player's goal is to help Swanky and his friends get out of the burning hive faster than Crunch.

    • Crunch is an outcast amongst bees. He’s desperately seeking acceptance from his colony but mostly he’s been ignored and rejected by other bees, which makes him insanely crazy!
    Crunch’s actions, of his jealousy for Swanky, have been started.
    The door has been collapsed and escape seems impossible. Swanky is looking for a way to rescue everyone while Crunch keeps trying to block them.

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    Default Re: [Game] [Free] Be Fast or Be Dead

    Thanks for sharing.

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