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    Default [FREE][2.3+] Connect 4 Baviux Multiplayer

    Like classic "Connect 4", but more fun
    If you like to play "Connect 4" (also known as Score 4, or 4 in a row), you will love this game.

    • One player mode: 4 difficulty levels
    • Two players mode: On the same screen, or online multiplayer
    • Achievements and leaderboards
    • Backgrounds with 3D effect (for devices with gyroscope)
    • 4 different backgrounds, and 5 boards
    • 10 characters with different animations

    Google Play link:

    Screenshots and video:

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    Default Re: [FREE][2.3+] Connect 4 Baviux Multiplayer

    Cool idea. I remember Connect 4 when I was a kid.

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