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    Default New FreeGame: 'Planny: Plane Adventures'

    Hi friends,
    Today I wanna introduce a new free game: Planny: Plane Adventures

    This is the game in which reigns bright and positive attitude.
    The main hero Planny - this airplane in which unbridled thirst for adventure and travel, become a friend and help him Planny fly through all the fantastic world of the game.
    Install and don't forget to leave a review!

    Install game on Google Play:

    Screenshot games:


    Thanks for your consideration.

    Install game on Google Play:
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    Default Re: New FreeGame: 'Planny: Plane Adventures'

    Thanks for the video. Hope the app does well in Play.

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    Default Re: New FreeGame: 'Planny: Plane Adventures'

    Looks pretty good, thanks for sharing

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