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    Default [FREE/PAID][GAME] Slide Tiles

    Slide Tiles is a puzzle arcade game in which you have to position the tiles in the right position.

    You have to think fast, there is a time limit and also there are different elements that help or hinder your progress.

    To play you have to press the "Launch" button to launch a new tile. The tile will move until it collides with the walls or another one. To further position the tile, move or swipe it. There are doors that open and close. If you throw out a tile it will be put the last in the queue to enter again in the game.

    There are tiles that are not part the image, some of them will help you and some have negative effects. To activate one of them you have to throw it into the appropriate one. If you throw it into the wrong one, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes you will lost the help and sometimes you may be hurt!

    There are 8 levels to play In the free version and 60 in the full version.


    Some images:

    [FREE/PAID][GAME] Slide Tiles-screenshot_960x640_1.png
    [FREE/PAID][GAME] Slide Tiles-screenshot_960x640_2.png
    [FREE/PAID][GAME] Slide Tiles-screenshot_960x640_3.png
    [FREE/PAID][GAME] Slide Tiles-screenshot_960x640_4.png

    Thanks, hope you enjoy it.
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    Default Re: [FREE/PAID][GAME] Slide Tiles

    I remember these as a kid, when they were made out of plastic or wood. Thanks for sharing.

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