The classic old snake has become smarter nowadays! Play with Jake in a brand new game concept:
☆ Original gameplay
☆ 3 game fields (5x5, 6x6, 7x7)
☆ Google+ leaderboards & 32 challenging achievements to unlock
☆ customizable styles, relaxing music during gameplay

Jake is a colored snake, and he changes his color at any move. He loves dots and stars, but can eat them only when they match his color.
Dots will make him grow, while stars will reduce his size.
Try to increase your score making the right moves on the field, in a funny, challenging and original puzzle game!

Here's the link to the play store:

I will really appreciate any kind of feedback

[Game][Free] Jake, the brainy snake puzzle-ico_jake_gp.png [Game][Free] Jake, the brainy snake puzzle-jake_game2.jpg [Game][Free] Jake, the brainy snake puzzle-jake_endgame_en.jpg [Game][Free] Jake, the brainy snake puzzle-jake_menu.jpg