Boxing Day is super action game for new boxers who want to improve their skills!
You may not be a well-trained boxer, but you have courage to face your fears and crush your opponent be it be anybody. So take holiday from your life and indulge in jaw crushing action of boxing. You will face deadly opponent who is also as enthused as you to know you out.
Boxing Ring is the place where one have to fight with sincerity there is no scope for theory, its just practical. Do you know that knock out is the best way you can win over your counterpart. So fight fiercely, be agile to counter your opponent. Hooks, Jabs and Upper Cuts are skills that will help you establish your superiority over opponent on Boxing Day. Its not just about attack, a smart boxer should do defense also. Be smart and quick when you are in ring.
Enjoy power punches of Boxing Day Wish you the best.
★ Amazing Boxing Ring Simulation
★ Special Fight Scene Sound FX
★ Knock out and Time out Scenarios
★ Cool Graphics
★ Enhanced Game Play