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    Default Short Fuse[FREE][GAME]-puzzle/thinking game

    It's made for lovers of puzzle/thinking games. This indie game is free, simple, but challenging. I believe you will enjoy it (;

    How to play:
    -light up all points to win.
    -connect points by dragging from one to another to form a path
    -each path consumes fuse
    -make the shortest path, since fuse is limited

    Short Fuse[FREE][GAME]-puzzle/thinking game-tblt.png
    Short Fuse[FREE][GAME]-puzzle/thinking game-tblt2.png
    Short Fuse[FREE][GAME]-puzzle/thinking game-tblt3.png
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    Default Re: Short Fuse[FREE][GAME]-puzzle/thinking game

    Thanks for sharing. Hope it does well in Play.

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