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    Thumbs up Check this out! Hungry Ghost

    This game is insanely difficult but it's very addicting. Check this out!

    Check this out! Hungry Ghost-1_resize_resize.jpg Check this out! Hungry Ghost-3_resize_resize.jpg Check this out! Hungry Ghost-2_resize_resize.jpg

    Download here:
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    Default Re: Check this out! Hungry Ghost

    Thanks for sharing. Hope it does well in Play.

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    Hi all, We are upgrading Hungry Ghost to version 2.0 which had an entire different artwork so that it's not be mistaken for some copyrighted material stuff and a system where you can upgrade equipment from 3 different kinds of candy.:cowboy:

    Play it for free!:
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    Default Re: Check this out! Hungry Ghost

    Looks cool. Will try it out.

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