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    Default Video problems with new Samsung Galaxy 5

    Hello all! Just joined today and am glad to be here.

    I was considering getting an Archos 43 and happened to see the new Samsung Galaxy 5 Player at Best Buy today and went ahead and grabbed it. Anyway, I am having an issue with the video player on here. I connected the device to my laptop and transferred over one AVI file and one FLV file. The FLV file won't play at all. It goes to load and just hangs the Samsung and I have to reboot it. The AVI will play, but if I attempt to stop it or otherwise back out of the player, it hangs and I have to reboot it. Being new to Android devices, I have to ask...should I just ditch the stock player and download something else? If so, can someone recommend the best player to use? I love VLC on my laptop as I have yet to run into anything that it won't play. Is there a VLC quality program out there for Android?

    Much thanks, really looking forward to figuring out this new device!

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    Default Re: Video problems with new Samsung Galaxy 5

    on my player 5, i have been using the free mx video player. it works well, remembers where you left off in a movie on its own. i don't know if it's the best though... all my videos are the same format (dvd rips to wmv).
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    Default Re: Video problems with new Samsung Galaxy 5

    Try moboplayer
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    Hey Michael, do you still have the 5.0?

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