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    Default d2 tablet aftermarket chargers?

    I have 3 different d2 tablets. One is the old d2-tab wide screen, one is a newer model 721 non wide screen (3:4 I think) and one is the 912 9" (the other 2 are 7"). According to to d2, all d2 tablets use the same charger. 2 of them will charge through usb but the model 721 will not. I'm trying to find a generic charger for the 721 (car charger or much more preferable, just a usb to power cable). Does anyone know if this is a standard plug? So far as I can tell it might be a standard 2.5mm plug (there is still the issue of polarity). Even knowing other brand devices that use the same plug if any would be usefull to know so I can try to find a usb - 2.5mm or whatever charge cable.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    On a side note. I have a couple of old sylvania sytab7mx tablets and my wife accidentally plugged one of the d2 tablets into its charger. It actually seemed to charge fine but I immediately unplugged it to be safe. It has the same 5v rating and the same polarity (center pin is +). Thats one thing that makes me think its just a standard plug.
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    Default Re: d2 tablet aftermarket chargers?

    You should check the manufacturer website, as the cords CAN vary. As you pointed out, there could be voltage differences. One thing you can TRY is using a cord that connects to your PC, the PC will handle voltage regulation, BUT the charge will be slower.
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