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    Exclamation Off-Brand Netbook Upgrade Question

    new member here!
    So I acquired a Maylong MB-1000B Netbook... some kind of android netbook cheapo from walmart my sis gave me. . aside from the hidious color.. it runs Android 4.0 ICS.. there aren't any options to update the android OS... and there is nothing on the internet about this "Maylong" .. So im seeking help in trying to get Android 4.3 or better on this thing.. has 512mb ddr3 sdram which I found is not upgradable but with it have an SD slot im hoping to force update it somehow.. Tips and how-to's are greatly appreciated.
    thanks guys
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    You could sell it for a chrome book

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    not wanting to buy anything atm. just wanting to get this how I want it

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