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    Default android-x86 - Run Android on your PC

    I guess this is the most appropriate forum for this, too bad it doesn't seem to get much traffic.

    Anyone here play with ? The website is slow (at least tonight) and the changelog is dated, but the latest Froyo build was a week and a half ago on their . I've only started to tinker with it, other than being a bit crippled without the Marketplace there is some potential - especially if a Gingerbread build comes out soon.

    I installed it in a virtual machine, I used XP as a base because for some reason a generic Linux fails to recognize the mouse but there is a that may be able to fix it. You'll want to change the keyboard and locale most likely, and some useful shortcuts are as follows:

    Menu = keyboard right-click button
    Home = Home or Windows Key
    Back = Escape
    Power = End

    If anyone's interested I can look into writing up a more detailed set of instructions for a VirtualBox setup, but it's pretty straightforward.
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    i like every part of this, you should go put this on AndroidForums, i myself am gonna try to set this up and I bet a whole bunch of others would love to try it too

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