Hey all,

Looking for an app to allow one android phone to act as bluetooth headset for another.
Does anyone know of an app/way to do this, or will some brave soul step to the plate and make one please?

I know lots of other people looking for this too:

MY reason for looking is I have a Sprint FrankenPre 2 -- If I activate another phone on the line, I have to take it apart and put it back to previous os to reactivate data part, then reassemble and reupgrade.... ugly...
I want to "ease" into android, and be able to answer my phone calls with an android phone, while keeping my service on the FrankenPre2.... until it dies. (Yeah I want to be able to have my desert-name-based device[Cake].... and eat it too)

I have at my disposal a Sprint LG Optimus S (gingerbread), and Sprint Samsung Epic 4G (Froyo)....

Thanks All