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    Default Re-enabling Mobile Data?

    Alright, I have somehow managed to turn off Mobile Data in such a way that I can no longer turn it back on. Bear with me.

    (It's a Motorola Droid 3 running Android 2.3.4 if that helps)

    I was in Canada for a few days, and I got a message that asked if I either wanted to use data roaming or if I did not want to use mobile data for the trip. I told it to not use mobile data, since I was just going to use wifi, but the message kept popping up every 5 minutes, interrupting whatever I was doing.

    There was also a notification at the top of the phone when it popped up, and touching it brought me to a menu where I could disable data roaming (which did not stop the error messages) or disable mobile data entirely (which did).

    However, when I got home, I could not find that menu again, or any settings menu that will let me turn mobile data back on. There is no option for it in Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks, or any other place that seemed related.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Re-enabling Mobile Data?

    I have a similar issue with android on htc vision with cyanogenmod 7. the newest version on market does switch data off but it will not successfully enable it. It show enabled in android but no mobile data connection icon appears.

    Also i've tried the newer 2.5 and 3.0 versions. They Force close for me if mobile data is enabled when they start. With mobile data disabled they do start. I wish this is fixed quickly since android is quite crucial for my daily use.

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    Go into Setting>Data manager>data delivery. Should be in there.

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    Default Re: Re-enabling Mobile Data?

    Welp, there it is. Thanks a bunch!
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    Default Re: Re-enabling Mobile Data?

    Unable to receive pictures, phone tells me No network connection, Mobile datai
    Is disabled, message will be sent when mobile data is enabled?

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