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    Default whata so confusing about android?

    My first smart phone was the dinc. And it took me 25minutes to get the hang of it. So I don't understand why people say its confusing. All the simple things are in front of you. The phone,phone,book ,text and ,internet is there. I'm just so amazed that when I let my friends see my gnex they look shocked. Like a deer in hi beam lights. Also I was with a friend and her iPhone kept vib and I turned the volume all the way down trying to put it on silent. She said... you have to go in the settings to turn it off. now to me that's complicated.

    So if you find android confusing please let me know what you find confusing.
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    Default Re: whata so confusing about android?

    People don't like change, plain and simple.
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    Default Re: whata so confusing about android?

    Most people who say Android Confusing are Apple fans and Microsoft fans.
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    Default Re: whata so confusing about android?

    I don't think android is confusing, but you have to see that it's more involved that iOS, which is basically just an app drawer with a single button to get you back to the app drawer from where ever you are. I think anybody who's relatively tech savy can easily figure out Android, but if I'd was recommeding a smartphone to my mom or grandmother, I'd recommend iOS.
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    Default Re: whata so confusing about android?

    Quote Originally Posted by still1 View Post
    Most people who say Android Confusing are Apple fans and Microsoft fans.
    Or like my future mother-in-law and can't comprehend anything more advanced than a rotary dial phone. She isn't elderly, but she just can't get the hang of a basic Android, even after we set it up easy for her.

    Now that I think about it, they do make rotary dial apps. Hmmm....
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    Default Re: whata so confusing about android?

    a few days ago i was in a bank, and there was this guy whose phone began to ring. it was an android phone. he spent so much time trying to figure out how to answer, and in the end i told him what to do, but the other party had already hung up. So apparently it is confusing for some people. I think this guy would have had problems even with iOS, because he simply didn't have the idea of touch operation.
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    Default Re: whata so confusing about android?

    hi everybody
    new to the android world, sort of

    my daughter gave me a used superpad3 and i really liked the way it works,
    so my wife gave me a flytouch8 superpad8 for fathers day.

    now on the new machine i have a problem with mounting a usb keyboard and a usb stick

    enable media scanning on sd + usb is ticked

    in this new one only 1 will work at a time,
    even though there are 2 usb ports, as well as a micro sd

    how do i mount usb keyboard and usb data stick at the same time?
    in the old flytouch3 there are no problems with this
    they happily work together.
    i prefer to keep my data on the usb stick sdo that i can access it when at home on the desktop pc with ease

    my device is a 10.2" multi function tablet

    tablet pc

    allwinner A10 1.5ghz A10 mali 400 cpu

    model number: BC1003
    android version: 4.0.4
    baseband version: 1.5rc4
    kernel version: 3.0.8

    mon aug 6 cst 2012

    built number
    crane_bc1003-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D

    thank you for your time
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    Default Re: whata so confusing about android?

    Quote Originally Posted by still1 View Post
    Most people who say Android Confusing are Apple fans and Microsoft fans.
    And a handful of webOS fans, myself included. My gf has had an Incredible since last year, and I never really got the hang of it, mind you, it was her phone, so I didn't really dig around too deep with anyway. Going on Day 4 now with my SGS3, and it's not that bad as I used to think. It's just like anything new, you're not going to "get it", until you actually start "doing it". I'm already starting to get pretty quick in finding my way around, and even task switching is becoming easier. Just have to reprogram my brain as to where the screen power button is (right side instead of top right), and remember there's no "up-gesture" to minimize apps
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    Default Re: whata so confusing about android?

    I am a very seasoned software developer and UI/UX architect, and an iPhone/iPad user (yes, that goes along very nicely). And I can tell you that even I find Android terribly confusing. An example:

    I wanted to join a Wifi network that has no DHCP server. Manually configuring the IP addresses proved next to impossible and took about 10 minutes using 4.0.4. First, I had no idea that I had to long-touch the network name to access advanced settings (in a previous Android version, it was the (invisible) menu button beneith the display). Then, I had no idea how to actually enter the IP address into the text field. It looked greyed out, but I still tried. It said "" or so, and I tried to position the cursor at the end in order to replace the last two octets. However, all I could do was position it at the beginning as the "cursor arrow" was unmovable and 'stuck' right there.

    It only came to me because of years of experience with computers that the text field was maybe not disabled nor was there a bug in the cursor positioning code, BUT that the might be a PLACEHOLDER value.

    So, I just started typing away, and tadaaaa - the placeholder disappeared and the field was not "greyed out" anymore. What added to the confusion was that the placeholder did NOT disappear as soon as the text field had focus.

    THAT'S an example of CONFUSING. OK?

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