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    Default pink spot in the corner, spread to whole phone and now screen is dark

    i have a japanese phone (i live in Japan ATM) it is the Softbank Arrows A, full specs can be found here - 101F Specs, Reviews, & Latest News | Fujitsu | The Verge

    so, i was using a screen light, it was very bright, to see because the power went out on my ship.

    i noticed a small pink dot in the upper left corner, and slowly it started spreading to the rest of the phone, and where it started pink was now blue and black, i factory reset it thinking and hoping that it was just a bug, but no dice, it was still there.

    so i thought maybe the screen was doing that because it was on, i removed the battery and kept the phone in a cool area, about 68 degrees.

    today i checked it to see if by some act of GOD, it was fixed and still just a bug. Again, no dice, now the whole screen is very dark, i can barely see and what i can see looks like a burned image of whatever screen the display was showing last time i used it. no matter if i used bright light, or total darkness or changed the brightness settings did it improve viewing quality.

    i wish i could post a photo, but the only thing i have for that is my phone and im using a government computer so i dont have a webcam or anything, and i can not plug anything into the PC to put a photo up anyways.

    i hope the description is detailed enough for some help.



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    Default Re: pink spot in the corner, spread to whole phone and now screen is dark

    Mike sorry to hear about your dilemma. Based on your description it doesn't sound like a software issue to me. That points to hardware of course so I think your AMOLED screen is fracked and you will need a replacement screen or new phone. That sucks for you because you're on a ship so you'll have to wait to get back to the island to get this sorted out. Oh and I wouldn't use that screen light app again!
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    Default Re: pink spot in the corner, spread to whole phone and now screen is dark


    im having this same issue, but with my Galaxy s3 it has spread into 3/4's of the phone and the bottom half is not visible. i can barely make out any of the words on the bottom because it is just white. I got this phone brand new as a replacement from Asurion but i am not sure if they will replace it for free or i have to pay again.

    i wish someone knew what the problem was
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    Default Re: pink spot in the corner, spread to whole phone and now screen is dark

    They can't send you a broken replacement. Call them ASAP and get another replacement.
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    Default Re: pink spot in the corner, spread to whole phone and now screen is dark

    I have exactly the same issue with my s3. Its brand new and they only replace it if i bring it back within the first week i got it. Its day 8 tomorrow
    From then in it goes into repairs. I need my phone though and i live in South Africa it takes forever for them to get anything done here.
    Any suggestions?
    And what did you do with your phone BakedS3?

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