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    Default Delete WV file from Nexus 7

    Help! I have a Nexus7 (8gb) with a file headed "WV" and titled with a list of numbers in the "Personal Videos" file that does not appear on my desktop when I connect the Nexus. I now have four films (excluding the stray file) that I want to keep on the Nexus which are all under 1gb each, however my Nexus is now saying that I don't have enough memory to even download basic apps. I think this stray file may be to blame as I've checked the folder sizes using my desktop and I'm well within the 8gb capacity limit.The Nexus will not play the stray WV file; I get an error message saying "file cannot be played".
    All assistance gratefully received.
    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Delete WV file from Nexus 7

    I found the same files. They seem to be from Flixster as they also show up in net.flixster.android/files/wv/filename.mp4.

    Within the directory above, the files are the proper size and format to use with Flixster (downloaded ultraviolet movies in my case).

    So, if you don't use Flixster, I think you could delete these files from the directory provided.

    I do not presently have a solution to avoid seeing these files in the standard movie player though (anybody have ideas?).


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